roud Cleaning


Proud Cleaning was founded in December 2020 by Martin, when he noticed a gap in the market for LGBTQ+ cleaners.

Proud Cleaning - LGBTQ+ domestic cleaners in London
London’s first queer cleaning company, run by LGBTQ+ people for the community and our allies!

Your space, our staff, no judgement. Your home is your place to relax and be yourself. There’s no need to tidy up before we arrive, and don’t worry about ‘toning down’ your decor. Our trained and efficient staff aren’t there to judge - just wipe, dust and clean to a professional standard.

Of course, you don’t have to be LGBTQ+ to enjoy our thorough-yet-affordable services! Our allies are more than welcome. In fact, simply by using our services you’re helping to support the LGBTQ+ community. So you get a clean house AND a lovely warm feeling inside. That’s what makes us proud.

A cleaning company that keeps you company.
In these times of lockdown and social distance, it’s important to enjoy any contact you can make, and for a lot of people their cleaner might be one of the most consistent presences in their day-to-day life. For that reason alone, it’s important that our clients feel comfortable inviting us into their space. Why stick with generic, extra-cautious smalltalk when you could be chatting about the things that you're passionate about?


Standard/Pro Clean

We clean all types of property with environmentally friendly and non-toxic products, for a clean home and peace of mind.

Laundry & Ironing

We can wash, dry and iron your clothes, and this can be added at the time of booking a standard or pro clean.

Window Cleaning

We can clean insides of windows and (where accessible) the outsides too - which can be added to your booking.


We can provide bespoke services to suit your individual needs, as an exiting tenant, landlord or home-worker. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


If you're area isn't covered currently, send us a message using the contact section, and we'll see if we can extend our coverage to meet your needs

As a guide, we currently operate on a 6 mile radius from Central London (TFL Zones 1 - 4). As our team expands in the future, so too will our service area, so watch this space!


Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.

  • Standard
    2 hours - 4 Rooms/Areas
  • 1 Bathroom Area/En-Suite
  • Upto 3 Additional Rooms/Areas
  • Products Supplied
  • £ 35

  • Book Now
  • Advanced
    3 hours - 6 Rooms/Areas
  • Up to 2 Bathroom Areas/En-Suites
  • Upto 6 Rooms/Areas in total
  • Products Supplied
  • £ 55

  • Book Now
  • End of Tenancy
    Deep clean of all rooms
  • 1 Bed/1 Bath £295
  • 2 Bed/2 Bath £395
  • Contact us for a bespoke quote
  • From £295

  • Extras
    Ironing, Laundry & Windows
  • Ironing/Laundry £15
  • Window Cleaning £25
  • Oven & Carpet Cleaning Contact Us
  • From £15

  • Book Now


The ones who make us 'PROUD'


Martin (He/Him)


As a gay cis male and having cleaners myself, I always felt a little on edge when they were in my home. I would often be left thinking ‘Are they judging?’ ‘Have I left something out in the bedroom?’

I wanted to create a cleaning business for LGBTQIA+ community to enable everyone to feel comfortable about having a cleaner in their home.

I take pride in knowing that we can offer the very best service to everyone no matter how you identify or whatever you’re into.


Poppy (She/Her)

Team Member

A recent graduate, self-proclaimed 'clean freak' and member of the Proud Cleaning team!

As a queer woman with a background and training in mental health care, the safety and comfort of the LGBT+ community is at the centre of all the work Poppy does.

For this reason (and her own personal joy and satisfaction from cleaning) she is beyond excited to be a part of the Proud Cleaning team, providing a non judgmental and exceptional service to all within the community.


Dan (He/Him)

Team Member

Some of you may know Dan from working at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern over the past 5 years. You may not know that he's also starting his journey into the world of interior design too!

He's extremely happy to be working with the Proud team, and building new and trusting relationships wiht the LGBTQI+ community.

After working many club nights, bank holidays and Pride weekends, there isn't anything that can shock him, or that he won't be able to clean!


Fiona (She/Her)

Team Member

Fiona is currently studying marine conservation, as animals and the natural world are her passion. She is also adventurous, and loves trying new things and meeting new people.

Fiona is a transgender woman, and originally comes from the North East, and along with the wonderful accent, she is easy to get along with and very down-to-earth.

Fiona also served in the military, so has a strong eye for detail and impeccable standards.


Have any questions? Please get in touch!